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Perth Psychologist - Kamalesh

Hello, my name is Kamalesh. Here are a few words to give you an idea of what you might expect if you come to see me for professional advice or assistance.

How I Can Help You

I work with people, individually, or as couples or families, with a range of life difficulties and issues. The difficulties with which I can assist you include:

  • Couples needing assistance to reduce conflict, find a more comfortable balance between separateness and connection (me vs us), intimacy and communication problems, infidelity, emotional abuse or physical violence, separation and step-family issues
  • Anxiety, panic, depression, anger and stress management, and coping with recent or past traumatic experiences
  • Adolescents, young adults and families struggling with difficult transition periods
  • Families in crisis, perhaps due to life changing events such as marital separation, a death in the family, incest disclosure, criminal proceedings and other life-changing events
  • Parents having trouble managing their child's behaviour
  • Victims of sexual offences, and people who have committed such offences
  • Drug and alcohol problems
  • Life imbalances or lack of a sense of meaning: a feeling of getting too little, emotional deadness or emptiness, giving too much or too little, feeling abused or being abusive, work/relationships/physical wellbeing

I also provide clinical consultation/supervision to other professionals. I have worked effectively as facilitator and training workshop provider and provided numerous medico-legal reports.

Therapeutic Approach

My therapeutic approach focuses on assisting people to resolve their present difficulties by developing their self-awareness and their understanding and appreciation of the needs and emotions that motivate their behaviour. I then provide assistance to constructively address the fears, beliefs and habitual ways of perceiving and behaving that prevent people from living the life they want. This will include identifying one’s attachment style developed in early childhood and its impact on behaviour and repeated problematic interactive patterns in intimate relationships. I facilitate self-acceptance, positive self-feelings and connecting people with their inner wisdom and desire to live with integrity and authenticity. Further, through respectful challenging, I assist people to take responsibility for their decisions, choices and actions.

Therapeutic Philosophy

“To have what you do not have, you need to do what you do not do.”

I find it is often sufficient and more effective to focus on increasing awareness of how we get in our own way in the present, what prevents us behaving differently – e.g. how depression and anxiety are maintained, and interpersonal conflict exacerbated. What were once useful ways of responding to situations may now have become automatic and counter-productive. These habitual ways of perceiving and behaving limit us and unintentionally maintain problematic situations by preventing us from behaving differently. My inclination is to adopt a down-to-earth and practical approach, and often address the important business of finding better solutions to people's lives with a touch of humour.

Background and Qualifications

I have completed an honours degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology at the Universities of Melbourne and Western Australia respectively. I have been working as a clinical psychologist since 1976. I am a nationally registered clinical psychologist and a member of the Australian Psychological Society. I worked for the Western Australian Department for Community Development for 15 years (1976-1991) where much of the work was focused upon adolescents, family therapy and incest. For seven years I was the Department's Intervention Consultant, accepting particularly difficult referrals and providing training workshops and consultations to staff throughout the state. I have written papers, conducted courses and workshops, and presented at conferences on issues relating to incest, juvenile sexual offending, family therapy, adolescent-parent conflict and juvenile delinquency.

In the late 1960's I spent five years in the Jesuits training to be a Catholic priest. In the late 1970's and early 1980's I was involved with an eastern religious group for seven years and my name is a residue of this period. These experiences have given me an understanding of, and respect for, western and eastern philosophies and religious practices.

I have been in private practice in Como and more recently South Perth, Western Australia since 1991. In private practice my work has been primarily been with adults and couples though I continue to regularly see adolescents and young adults.

I am willing to negotiate fee reductions for people in difficult financial circumstances.

I can be contacted directly on:

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Photo - Perth Psychologist Kamalesh
Phone: (08) 9474 1711
Address: 33 Canning Highway South Perth 6151
Fax: (08) 9367 7849

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